Are you planning and organising a special birthday party or birthday event? Are you hosting                                     
                                            a grand Event? Whatever the occasion maybe it presents itself as the perfect opportunity to capture
                                            it on film for you to share and enjoy later.


                                                It's true that birthday parties are more frequently becoming birthday events, with the organisers
                                           wishing to capture those special moments on film, so they can be enjoyed over and over again,
                                           by friends, family and by future generations.
                                                Our Birthday Video Service has been built around customer requests. We take an informal
                                           approach on the day, to ensure the guests are comfortable with our video equipment and us.
                                           We cover:
  •                                   Children’s Birthday Party
  •                                   Adults’ Parties
  •                                   Special Events


                                          You might also be interested in doing some educational / schools videos

                                          for some of your extra curriculum activities.



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